Surviving the Next 90 Days: Retain Your New Hires With Long-Term On-Boarding

So your new hires have survived the first 90 days of employment. That doesn't mean they'll stick around for the long haul. For the first six months, almost 86% of employees are still in the decision-making process to stay with a company, according to an in-depth study from the Aberdeen Group.

Learn how to implement a long-term on-boarding program to engage your new hires beyond the first 90 days. 


In just 90 minutes, your speaker will show you:

  • Effective practices you can implement the first 90 days of your new hire’s employment, including pre-work induction and first-day orientation
  • Transitioning your HR 90-day on-boarding process into a company-wide orientation beyond 90 days, and how to include your managers, establish mentors, and implement your new employee’s work team
  • The important role your supervisors play in your new hire’s next 90 days. Your speaker will give you a model for training new employees, a roadmap for setting performance expectations, and advice on how to deliver constructive feedback to a new employee.
  • How your senior managers can help your new employees understand your organization's culture and business objectives
  • How to differentiate and customize on-boarding activities for specific work groups
  • How to set the pace for providing information about your organization to employees, and why this will help your new hires achieve a better understanding of their job duties
  • The mentor system: How it works and why it’s critical to your new hire’s success beyond the first 90 days
  • The skills necessary for supervisors and mentors to effectively implement long-term on-boarding, including the ability to frame processes and tasks for easy recall and implementation
  • The key retention and engagement factors for new hires: Whether there is a job interest alignment in the work, development and career opportunities, manager qualities that matter to new employees, and how these factors should support your long-term on-boarding
  • How to use surveys and interviews with both new employees and their managers to assess effectiveness of a long-term on-boarding program
  • What an on-site observation of the your employee’s performance can tell you about the success or failure of your on-boarding program



About Your Guest Speaker, Dr. Deborah Tobey

Dr. Deborah TobeyDr. Deborah Tobey has been in the Organization Development (OD) field for more than 20 years, and is owner of a solo consulting practice, Deb Tobey LLC. She has served clients in both the public and private sector, including such organizations as Ceridian Corporation, Saturn Corporation, General Mills, O'Charley's Corporation, the State of Tennessee Departments of Human Resources and Transportation, Whirlpool Corporation, the University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service, the YWCA, Deutsche Bank, BMI Inc., the Center for Nonprofit Management, and the American Management Association.

Dr. Tobey's areas of expertise include: consultation skills development; leadership development; group and planning process interventions; teambuilding; performance and training needs assessment and evaluation; training/instructional design; competency modeling; supervisory and management development; and "train the trainer".

She is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her doctorate is in Human Resource Development (HRD) from Vanderbilt University. She is an adjunct professor at George Washington University, Vanderbilt University, and Belmont University. Dr. Tobey is author of Data Collection for Needs Assessment (2007) and Needs Assessment Basics (2005). She is co-author of Facilitation Skills Training (2007) and Facilitation Basics (2004).