Texting and After-Work Flirtation: Policies to Address the New Sexual Harassment

If your organization's anti-harassment policies aren't protecting against new 24/7 threats, your organization could be next on the EEOC's hit list. From quid pro quo to "textual harassment" to after-work behavior, there are several new "subtle" forms of sexual harassment occurring in today's work environment -- both during -- and after office hours.

Learn how to modify your organization's anti-harassment policies protect against these new threats.


In just 90 minutes, we'll cover:

  • How ill-advised behavior exhibited by co-workers during a company party or an out-of-town business trip can lead to a sexual harassment claim
  • What exactly is "textual harassment" and why is it such a threat to employers?
  • How to ensure your policies protect your organization against new forms of online sexual harassment
  • Why an inappropriate e-mail sent to an employee AFTER work hours can still be considered sexual harassment
  • How quid pro quo occurs in the workplace and how it differs from other forms of harassment
  • How an inter-office romance can morph into a sexual harassment lawsuit, and how an effective non-fraternization policy can mitigate future litigation
  • How an effective anti-harassment policy can help your company avoid punitive damages if a sexual harassment suit is filed
  • What an effective anti-harassment policy should communicate to employees and supervisors
  • How to spot "red flags" or gaps in your existing anti-harassment policy
  • How training can reinforce your company’s anti-harassment policy -- and serve as a deterrent to litigation



About Your Guest Speaker, Jane Pfeifle

Jane PfeifleJane Pfeifle is an employment law attorney with the firm Lynn, Jackson, Shultz & Lebrun, P.C., and concentrates her practice in all areas of employer-employee relations law, especially employment discrimination and wrongful termination. Additionally, Ms. Pfeifle counsels her clients regarding various employment law issues, including compliance with the latest state and federal employment laws and regulations. Ms. Pfeifle has authored and co-authored several articles and reference materials, including "The Evolving Boundaries of the At-Will Employment Doctrine in South Dakota."

She is a member of the South Dakota and American Bar Associations. Ms. Pfeifle has been recognized in the 2009 edition of The Best Lawyers in America in the areas of Labor and Employment Law and Education Law. She is also a frequent lecturer on various employment issues affecting employers.